03 6 / 2013

Supernatural Recast with Youtubers with 5 more added characters

Smosh’s Anthony as Dean - they make a lot of similar facial expressions

Danisnotonfire as Sam - looks like he could be Anthony’s brother, is younger, is taller, shares some personality traits

Smosh’s Ian as Castiel - them baby blues, baby! Similar facial hair pattern with Ian and Purgatory!Cas. Also done since Anthony was cast as Dean.

Epic Meal Time’s Harley as Billy - similar facial hair, both rock a cap and both will put up with none of your shit.

Lasercorn as Crowley - similar eyes, hair color, I think height as well (?)

Amazingphil as Adam - looks a little similar to Anthony and Dan. Blue eyes. Plus, I just love Philllip and I want him in this.

Spricket24 as Charlie - both redheads, similar smiles, tone down Spricket’s energy a bit and I think she’ll do just fine.

Jacksfilms as Gabriel - sidebuuuuurns, also he’d have so much fun playing him.

Onision as Lucifer - Onision with short, light hair? I mean that’s pretty similar looking. Plus I think Greg could nail the whole mocking bit and I’d love to see him play opposite Dan. Or opposite Phil since Lucy and Adam got locked away together…

Nigahiga as Kevin Tran - No, it’s not just because they’re both Asian. I just really want to see him be a prophet of the Lord. It’d be fucking hysterical.

Cinnamontoastken as Benny - Oh c’mon, they’re beard twins here. Also, right height/similar build (?)

I’m pretty sure I might give up an internal organ to have this be real.

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